Make Your Own BLT Bar

Sometimes simple is better. When trying to decide what to make for a girls lunch last weekend we decided BLT’s were the perfect pool side treat! The key when making something so simple is having the freshest and best ingredients. When you set up your bar make sure you put it in logical order so your sandwich comes together perfectly! Our set up started with: Bread- Mayo- Avocado- Bacon- Tomatoes- Lettuce



  • Farm fresh juicy tomatoes cut in 1/4” slices
  • Iceberg lettuce, washed and dried and placed in the fridge to get cold and crisp


  • Bacon – we provided two kinds. Whole Foods sells a black pepper crusted bacon that adds an extra somethin to your sandwich. We also provided traditional plain bacon. You can certainly fry the bacon but since it was a hot summer day and we wanted to enjoy time at the pool, we placed the bacon on baking sheets lined with cooling racks so the grease could drip through. 20 minutes at 400 will get you crispy bacon. When you take it off the racks, place the bacon on paper downs to cut down on excess grease.


  • Mayo- we offered light/reduced fat and real
  • Avocado- a good substitute for mayo or addition to in my opinion
  • Bread- a fresh sliced whole wheat loaf and white bread for the traditionalists in the fam

Plate it in order on a table and go to town. Bite into that juicy, crunchy and salty sandwich!


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  1. Mariposaoro says:

    Foodgasm!!! Simple but lovely.. And in your case-A bit naughty!! Jewish and eat bacon! Tut tut!! Haaaaaaahaaaaaa!!

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