Why blog?

I created this blog to put my passion for food to good use!


My friends and family would ask me for recipes, but I never wrote them down and half the time I couldn’t remember how I made them. I often create recipes on a whim based on what I have in my kitchen or inspiration from something I saw. If I find a recipe online or through watching the food network, I often alter it based on personal preferences, put a healthy spin on it or based simply on what is in my pantry. All too often I would make a delicious dish and never be able to recreate it. So, to solve all the above problems, this blog is my solution.

Please know the purpose of this blog is not to give you exact step by step instructions and accurate measurements so you can recreate my dish exactly.  I just want to provide inspiration for you to make your own version of these dishes. I always believe a recipe can be better and it’s rare I make the same dish exactly the same twice. I hope you read some of my creations and it inspires you to put your own twist on the dish! If you do, please tell me about it!

Whenever I ask my Italian grandmother how much of a certain ingredient goes in her meatballs, she holds out her hand and says “this much”! And then she smells it to know if it’s right… It may drive me crazy as I try to replicate her meatballs but I’m guilty of the same thing. 😁

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  1. Marjorie Salem says:

    I love your site…maybe it will help me stop eating carbs and lose the 10lbs. I need to shed!! Thank you so much…so interesting. Marjorie Salem

    1. jewtalian says:

      Thanks Marjorie! I hope you are successful. Please let me know how it goes! I always love feedback. Cutting out carbs is my biggest challenge but it can be done.

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