Guacamole can top a burger, taco or fajita, be a hearty side to an egg or chicken dish or, the best way to eat it is with some chips as an appetizer.

The main factor when making guacamole is to be sure you select good avocados.  Pick up an avocado and give it a squeeze. Select ones that are soft but NOT mushy.  They should “give” a little when you squeeze them. Pick the stem off the end. If its green underneath then you’re good. If its brown, put it back and find another one. (If it’s brown under the stem, it will be brown inside).  If they are very firm you can use them in a few days. Rumor has it if you store them in a brown paper bag with tomatoes for a few days it will help expedite the ripening process.  Choosing the right avocados will make or break your guac.  Also, if you need to make your guacamole in advance, place one of the pits inside your dish as it will keep it greener for longer.


-2 or 3 avocados
-2 tomatoes, diced
-1 garlic clove, chopped fine (sometimes I use garlic powder)
-1/3 of a red onion, chopped fine
-1 jalapeño (keep seeds for a spicier guac)
-1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
-1 lime, zest and juice (sometimes I use red wine vinegar instead, or I’ll use both)
-1 baby cucumber, cut into small pieces
-salt & pepper

Optional additions:

– Habanero hot sauce for some extra zing

– For a new twist add fresh shrimp to your guac! Boil the shrimp for 2 minutes, cut it in tiny pieces and mix into your guac.

– If being healthy isn’t your concern, add some chopped crispy bacon. It will give your guac some salt and crunch!

– Add the tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, onion, cucumber, and jalapeño to a mixing bowl.


– Cut the avocados in half and remove the pits. Squeeze each half of the avocado into the bowl.


– Using a butter knife, cut the avocado into chunks and gently mix the ingredients together.  Squeeze lime juice and zest 1/2 the lime on top. Then add fresh cracked salt and pepper to taste.  Gentle mix again.

– Serve with chips and enjoy.


If you don’t feel strongly about a chip preference, I highly recommend the xochitl line. The spicy lime ones are amazing.

Or you can try these “crack chips”.  I call them that because they are incredibly addicting. I can eat a bag without thinking about it.  They actually don’t need salsa or guac because they are delicious on their own but with guac they are that much better!


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