Pasta with Broccoli

Easy. Low cost. Delicious (IF you love broccoli).

Pasta with broccoli has a long history with our family. Growing up, my mom made it often as a side to a meat focused dinner. We typically use the farfalle or “bowtie” pasta as we called it as kids. This meal can be made so many different ways and with different accents. Below is my favorite version but you can also consider using lemon juice, lemon zest, white wine, and certainly butter if you aren’t trying to keep it too healthy. It’s an easy weeknight dinner when you don’t have a lot in your fridge, it’s a great side to a protein and it’s delicious leftover hot or cold. I usually make extra so I have leftovers for lunch the next day. The hard part is refraining from eating it all!


For a healthier option steam your broccoli in water and chicken broth instead of using olive oil. It will still be tasty and u can drizzle a tiny bit of oil on top for finishing. You can also skip the blender to remove an extra step when you are pressed for time. I like it because it makes the sauce a little thicker. Think of it as a broccoli pesto.

-2 heads fresh broccoli
-2-3 cloves garlic
-2 shallots
-few tbsps Parmesan cheese
-olive oil
-red pepper flakes
-chicken broth as needed
-pasta (whole wheat penne used here but I encourage the bowties)
-salt & pepper
-fresh basil or parsley (optional)

Place a large pot of water on high heat. Bring to boil.

Sauté garlic, shallots, red pepper flakes in olive oil.


Place half of your broccoli in blender And blend until the big chunks are gone.


Add the mixture to your pan with the remaining broccoli that you chopped into bite sized pieces. Add salt and pepper.


Add chicken broth as needed so you have enough liquid for your pasta. Let cook for a few minutes. I don’t like mushy broccoli so as soon as it gets soft I take off the heat. Mix in a large bowl with pasta. Add cheese, more fresh basil and serve.

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