Tri Colore Matzo Balls

A staple dish for Jews round the world is matzo ball soup. When I was in Venice I managed to find a Jewish quarter with a little deli that made some of the best matzo ball soup I’ve ever had! It’s comforting and oddly delicious. My family makes it every year for different holidays but always on Passover for our Seder. This year we decided to try something slightly different and put an Italian twist on the matzo balls by making them red, white and green, in true “Jewtalian” spirit. These are not your traditional balls.

A word of advice, when making as many balls as we did, don’t try to cook them in one pot because they won’t cook properly and fluff up like they should. That’s what we get for drinking the manischewitz wine before the Seder… They were still delicious even though they weren’t as fluffy as some might like- these would be considered sinkers, not floaters.


Photos Courtesy of Snap Photography

You can follow the instructions on the box as we did and make the easy adjustments to get the pretty colors and added flavor of the tri colore matzo balls. I thought the red ones in particular had great flavor! We made one batch per color, roughly 63 matzo balls in total.


Instructions for color:


Verde (Green)
-Place a cup or so of fresh baby spinach, a bunch of parsley and a small garlic clove in a blender with a dash of olive oil. Strain he liquid out using a cheese cloth and reserve to use instead of water in the next step. Continue per the instructions above and add a dash of onion powder.

Rosso (Red)
-Add 2 tablespoons red tomato paste, garlic powder and onion powder to original recipe.

Bianco (White)
-Follow instructions on the box.


After you cook your matzo balls put them in a big bowl of home made chicken soup and serve topped with fresh parsley. Enjoy!!


And here is a photo of our beautiful Seder tabled decorated by mom:


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