Who Loves Popcorn? 🍿 

image7In my family, we don’t have those bags of popcorn sitting in our cabinets ready to go in the microwave; we have pots, oil and kernels. You will never have better popcorn than the kind you make right on your stove at home. It’s easier to make than you think and the best part is you can control what you are eating (i.e. how much salt, butter, or whatever it is they put in those bags of popcorn). You can make it with or with out the truffle salt, but if you like truffles, you don’t want to miss this tasty anytime snack!



Photos Courtesy of Snap Photography


  • Oil (vegetable or extra virgin, whatever you prefer)
  • Popcorn kernels (I’m partial to Orville Redenbacher)
  • Salt
  • Truffle Salt

image1 (1)


Take a large pan and place on the stove on med-high heat. Pour in enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Pour in the popcorn kernels to form a layer across the bottom. Typically speaking, if you cover the bottom of the pan it will be the right amount so you don’t have overflowing popcorn! If the kernels don’t look coated enough, add some more oil.

You will hear the popcorn popping and every so often just shake the pan a bit so nothing burns on the bottom. When you hear the popcorn significantly slow down, remove from the heat. After making this a few times, you’ll have it down!

Pour the popcorn into a paper bag (the kind you get from the grocery store) so it soaks up some of the oil. Sprinkle some salt over the popcorn as you shake the bag to make sure everything gets coated. Try a piece, if it tastes great, then add a pinch of the truffle salt and you are good to start snacking!!

This is one treat you will love and it will impress your friends! Throw out that microwaved popcorn go back to the old-fashioned way–it’s better tasting and better for you!

It’s also great for parties. I can’t tell if the kids or adults love it more.

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